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The TRE Way

TRE is an executive-level, mentor-driven manufacturing support team well versed in every aspect of business. From finding the right location to making a grand first impression and establishing a solid, sustainable foundation right here in PA, TRE can do it all for you. 

As your “win-win” virtual or in-person partner, it’s our job to optimize every dollar and every hour. You’ll work face-to-face with five seasoned executives, who know how to build your business. You can depend on receiving TRE wisdom and accountability every step of the way.

Roadblock #1

Marketing specialties like direct response, internet lead generation, cross-promotion and sponsorship, along with changes in traditional advertising and marketing disciplines can overwhelm an entrepreneur or corporate executive.

Roadblock #2

Designing a corporate image or brand, web site and/or marketing materials, which do not fully express a company’s uniqueness, may weaken your market recognition and presence.

roadblock #3

A sales team that lacks the expertise and experience to effectively execute the company’s marketing efforts and sales strategies will dramatically hamper the future growth and value of the company.

roadblock #4

Many businesses lack the ongoing business coaching which is so critical for strong leadership, goal-oriented planning, and productive operations.


Our Approach

What corporate functions do we address?

  • Marketing Strategy and Tactics
  • Marketing Communications 
  • Prospecting & Lead Generation
  • Distribution Channels
  • Direct Marketing
  • Trade Event Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Web Site Design
  • E-commerce
  • Media Relations
  • Display Design
  • Sales Evaluation
  • Sales Recruitment
  • Sales Training & Management
  • Customer Retention Programs
  • Premiums and Incentives
  • Sponsorships and Promotions


Strategic, Customized Marketing, Media & PR 

Wisely promoting your business through predictive marketing, cost-effective media buying and on-time public relations.


Web and Graphic Design, Branding, Digital Content, Lead Generation & Acquisition Programs

Intelligently building brand awareness, acquiring qualified leads and transforming them into clients.


Sales Training, Business Development Coaching, and Angel Investment Funding

 Uniquely delivering new concepts to go to market, close more sales and fund new initiatives.



Karin Suttmann is TRE’s Predictive Marketing Guru. Someone who originally was in the entertainment industry, several mentors around her recognized her ability to understand numbers and apply them logically and efficiently, guiding her into the field of business analytics. She went on to be a part of the team that created the See Something Say Something campaign, which raises public awareness to indicators of terrorism.

Karin’s main goal for TRE is to bring first class marketing skills services to all kinds of business efficiently, effectively, and honestly. She believes customer service is the most important aspect of her job, and she cares about every single customer that she has the honor of working with.

A quote Karin resonates strongly with is “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says ‘Oh crap, she’s up.’” – Joanne Clancy. 



David Kale is TRE’s Da Vinci of Artistic Communications. Having been in the forefront of creating artwork, David knows the value and importance of well-targeted marketing and effective advertising. Through his very successful graphic and website design company, Kale Design, he has gone on to utilize his exceptional team-building skill in creating the digital marketing company TRE with two of his brilliant associates.

David’s main goal regarding TRE is to be the first company not only delivering full service marketing, advertising, and design, but also integrates a unique twist; a sales department specifically dedicated to evaluating and coaching a company’s sales team. Because of David’s very attention to detail and penchant for excellence in visual communications, clients will benefit from works of art as close to perfect as you can get. TRE was his vision which has now come to fruition.

A quote he resonates strongly with is “No excuse is valid, even if there is a shred of truth to it.” – Dan Caramanico, sales trainer. 



Gary Kurtis is TRE’s Sales Coach Extraordinaire. After completing a 40 year-long successful career in sales and sales management, he was sure of how much he enjoyed helping others, by being able to share his knowledge. Due to his brilliance and experience, his region consistently was on top performance rank in his company, Equitrac, for revenue almost every year.

Gary’s main goal in TRE is to be the missing link that helps clients leverage their marketing efforts into sales revenue. He offers clients evaluations expertise and sales coaching, and does not utilize a cookie cutter approach when working with people, as he is confident that every client deserves a unique experience.

A quote he resonates with strongly is “Sales is how you help others get what they want.” 


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