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Expertise for your unified success

The Power of Three

The TRE vision provides a unique virtual platform to deliver superior marketing, media, design, sales expertise and business coaching all at a fraction of the normal investments.

TRE is business efficiency with senior level expertise and streamlined operations intelligently, effectively and efficiently.

Strategy and Tactics

Expert analysis and predictive modeling builds a clear path for achieving your marketing and advertising goals.


Complete branding, messaging, graphic and web designs, creates a complete and powerful library of assets.

Sales Management and Coaching

Collaboration with your sales team by providing high level sales coaching ensures all of the strategic and creative efforts maximize revenue.


In-house department or agency

Mulitiple Layers of Staff

Overhead Expenses

Multiple Layers of Reponsibility



All Senior Level

Reduced Overhead

Experience and Efficiency

Our Vision

The marketing, design and sales landscapes have changed. Finally, these three departments can work synergistically, instead of independently, to increase profits! 

Traditionally, businesses only hire ad agencies, communication companies, PR firms, web and graphic designers to market, advertise, create brand awareness and generate leads. But what about closing more sales?

Introducing TRE!  An all-inclusive approach increases the likelihood of your investment converting to real revenue.  In addition to delivering state-of-the-art marketing, advertising and design, we are among the first companies also to focus on best practices for sales, sales coaching and support. We are dedicated to making sure that every dollar you spend to position your company in the marketplace increases your sales.


Experience and Expertise


TRE is the central hub for managing each aspect of bringing a brand to life.



We guide critical and creative thinking needed to generate success.



Resource partners share the ethical and operational values of TRE.



Stimulating forward thinking by informing clients and affiliates.

Who Benefits With TRE

New Business

How do you start building to ensure that your strategy and plans result in revenue coming in the door? TRE has the savvy to work with you now.

Small Business

You have limited resources and need more clients. Leverage TRE to receive large company benefits working on a per job basis.

Big Business

You are established with a need for greater market share. TRE is your experienced outsource partner providing solutions to address today’s many challenges.

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